Biceps Tendon Rupture in Climbers

Truckee, CA. 📷 Jason Hsieh You’re at the crux. Left elbow is locked off at your side, right hand clutching a shallow intermediate. You‘ve been here before, numerous times in fact. Bumping the right hand to the above edge will surely get you the send. You release your right hand to bump—pop. Left [...]

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Clunk: Shoulder Instability Climbing

You hear it and feel it. Your shoulder popped in and out of the socket yet again. Going out and overhead to the next hold. Making contact with that jug at the end of the dyno. Pushing up and over the mantle. Reaching into the backseat of your car. Rolling over the wrong way [...]

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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment In Rock Climbers

Introduction You’ve made huge strides in your climbing ability since you touched that first hold a couple of years ago. Now, you’ve got your sights on the next grade, but you’ve hit a plateau. You decide to train 5-6 days a week to get stronger for climbing. You train hard –systems board, hang board, [...]

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Abdominal Strains In Rock Climbers

Introduction It's been a busy week and you decide to go to your local climbing gym to practice some bouldering moves that you’d like to master. In particular, you want to dyno from one section of the wall to another. A “dyno” is a dynamic maneuver that requires a climber to jump off [...]

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Brachialis Tendinopathy in Climbers

Introduction This season, you’ve been serious about climbing hard. You stepped up the intensity of your climbing, limited your rests days, and have created a training program to get stronger than ever. You’re noticing improvements in your climbing, but you are starting to feel a bit broken down and are developing some mild [...]

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in Climbers

Introduction Icy wind, sheer exposure, and 207ft of vertical granite are below you as you lock onto a flake with your right hand and reach desperately for the next hold while your big toe feels dangerously close to losing that sweet friction of the rock. You strain your neck and look up above [...]

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Rock Climbing Finger Tenosynovitis

Introduction In preparation for your anticipated climbing trip to Red Rocks, you double the volume and increase the intensity of your training regimen. During your second week of your new regimen, you notice that your fingers are unusually sore. Thinking of this as a good sign of getting stronger, you go to bed motivated [...]

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Achilles Tendonitis Rock Climbing

Introduction We're here today to talk about your lower leg. My lower leg? In a climbing blog? Yes, those beautiful bulging rocks you call calves! Well, to be more specific, your Achilles tendon. Everyone "raves" about their shoulder injuries, but it's time to pay some attention to your Achilles. [...]

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Rock Climbing Injury: Ankle Sprain Rehab

Conditions are perfect as you approach your early season boulder project. There is a small wet streak covering a foothold near the top of the boulder on a crucial, yet large foothold. The foothold is not near the crux, so you decide to attempt the send anyways. You pull hard through the crux of [...]

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Scapular Winging with Rock Climbers

Introduction You take a deep breath. You try to calm the turmoil of frustration as you reach for the next hold. This particular one always likes to give you trouble. You feel an ache and general weakness in your shoulder blade but you ignore it. It’s been a jam-packed couple days of climbing with [...]

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