Armaid Extreme

This kit includes the Armaid essentials that are recommended for rock climbers. It comes without the extra gadgets, so it is lighter on your wallet. It is almost half the price of the Armaid Complete. It includes the armaid, a big orange ball attachment, DVD and handle fastner. It does not include small ball attachments or a strap to secure the device to the thigh. The strap is not necessary and rarely used and the orange ball is the main attachment that is recommended for rock climbers.


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The Armaid is an invaluable tool that you can use to release stiff forearm muscles. Use it on the front of the forearm to release your wrist flexors and the back of the forearm to release your wrist extensors.

Example of Using the Armaid 

This is the starting position to release the wrist extensor muscles in the back of the forearm. Slide the hand into the device, clamp down and then move your wrist back and forth. To intensify the tissue release, you can make a fist and rotate it in circles.


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