Rock Rings

  • A set of 5 color-coded discs, in 5 different progressive resistance’s, for 5 fingers
  • Improves finger strength, dexterity and speed and also help promotes finger independence
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for warm up and cool down


What are Rock Rings?

Rock rings are a portable hangboard that allows you to load your fingers in various climbing specific positions

What are other examples of portable hangboards

Below are a few examples of different portable angboards on the market. GRIPPŪL, Tension Blocks, and Rock Rings each have their own benefits and drawbacks but all can be used interchangably to train and rehabilitate finger injuries.

How Do You Use Rock Rings? 

Rock rings can be used as a substitution for any cable or ring based exercise or as a stand-alone tool to train the fingers. For example, rock rings can be added to the exercise below to improve the specificity of the exercise and make more climbing specific. Simply replace the circle rings with the rock rings.


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