• You can use Leukotape to perform several of the taping techniques in Climb Injury-Free
  • Made with strong zinc oxide adhesive
  • Durable, maintains over 70% of its tension during climbing
  • Easy to apply


What is Rigid Strap Tape?

Rigid strap tape is commonly used for three methods of taping: Joint repositioning, structural support, and tendon unload. White athletic tape and Leukotape are the two most common types of rigid strap tape. White athletic tape is more breathable but the effectiveness of the tape decreases after the first 20 minutes of physical activity. Leukotape lacks breathability and is more expensive than white athletic tape but it is much stronger. Leukotape maintains over 70% of its tension during athletic activities.

What Does This Product Contain?

This product contains Leukotape. However, Leukotape should not be applied directly to the skin. When applying the Leukotape, you should first apply a tape under-wrap called cover-role. This under-wrap protects your skin from the strong adhesive in Leukotape.

Examples of Using Rigid Strap Tape to Treat Climbing Injuries

The first image shoulder leukotape and cover-roll being used on the shoulder, the second images shows a rigid strap tape on the finger, and the third image on the elbow.


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