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Flexibility On and Off the Wall: Lower Body Mobility

While upper body strength often takes the spotlight in discussions about rock climbing, the significance of lower body flexibility should not be underestimated. In this blog post, we will discuss the role that flexibility in the lower body plays in enhancing a climber's performance. Understanding and prioritizing lower body flexibility will assist in [...]

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Enhancing Climbing Performance: Unlocking Wrist Mobility, Stability, and Strength

Climbing is a sport that requires not only physical strength but also mobility and stability in various body parts. One area that often gets overlooked but plays a crucial role in climbing is the wrists. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of wrist mobility, stability, and strength for climbers. We'll [...]

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Dolor en los dedos al escalar rocas: capsulitis articular

A Spanish Translation of the research article "Clinical Management of Finger Joint Capsulitis/Synovitis in a Rock Climber." Article written by Dr. Jared Vagy DPT “The Climbing Doctor” and translated by Alita Contreras. Original article below: Click here to read the full article in English Resumen Este estudio de caso presenta a un escalador [...]

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S2, E8: DIP Joint Finger Pain – Steve Smith

This interview focuses on discussing DIP joint pain in climbers. Steve Smith, a doctor of physical therapy, explains the anatomy of the finger and the specific joints involved in DIP joint pain. Steve highlights the causes and symptoms of this type of injury, emphasizing the importance of understanding the mechanics of climbing and [...]

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S2, E1: The Ultimate Guide for Returning Back to Rock Climbing – Evan Ingerson

In this episode, Evan Ingerson, a physical therapist, discusses the challenges of returning to climbing after an injury or break. He emphasizes the importance of measuring and systematizing the return to climbing process, using a total load calculation based on difficulty and volume. Evan also highlights the need to consider wall type and [...]

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S1, E11: The Mental Game of Climbing Injuries – Arno Ilgner

Arno Ilgner is a distinguished rock climber and first ascensionist, perhaps most well known as the author of The Rock Warrior's Way. Through his best selling work, Arno outlines his methodologies emphasizing mental training to help his students and readers improve their awareness, focus attention, and understand their athletic (and life) challenges within [...]

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