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Are your climbing shoes too small? Foot and toe injuries explained

Many different foot and toe injuries are associated with rock climbing Pressure marks Subungual hematomas (blood that is trapped under the nail) Splinter hemorrhages  (tiny streaks of blood underneath your nail plate) Cuts and bruises to the toes Dystrophic and infect nails (deformed, thickened or discolored) Haglund deformities (bony enlargement on the [...]

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S1, E6: How Pro Climbers Manage Injuries – Felipe Camargo

Listen as The Climbing Doctor interviews Tenaya athlete Felipe Camargo on all topics related to injuries. This interview was part of the “Behind the Send” campaign by Tenaya, sharing the stories of those who make the climbing life possible, from route developers, coaches, and physios to mountain guides, mentors, and advocates. Listen [...]

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S1, E4: AC Joint Sprain Climbing Rehab – Jonathan Siegrist

In this podcast The Climbing Doctor interviews Arc'Teryx athlete Jonathan Siegrist about his experience with injuring and rehabilitating his Grade III AC joint rock climbing. This interview occurred in 2020, 5 weeks after Jonathan had a grade III AC sprain. After diligent therapy and several months, Jonathan returned to full strength climbing. He [...]

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S1, E3: Train For Climbing Smarter Not Harder – Steve Bechtel

In this episode The Climbing Doctor interviews Steve Bechtel on all topics related to climbing and injuries. They go deep on training mistakes that are common with climbers, training exercises, power exercises for climbing performance, climbing assessments, inside elbow pain, and how to warm-up the hands and fingers for climbing.  Steve is the [...]

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