Kinesiology Tape

  • You can use Kinesiology tape to perform several of the taping techniques in the book “Climb Injury-Free”
  • Latex free
  • XactStretch™ Technology ensures optimal stretch
  • Stretches up to 140%
  • Easy to apply


What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is commonly used for two methods of taping: muscle off-load and circulatory support.

  • Muscle Off-Load: When the tape is applied with up to 25% stretch, it provides a proprioceptive stimulus through support and may off-load the muscle.
  • Circulatory Support: This technique reduces swelling and improves circulation.

Elastic kinesiology tape has an elasticity of 140% allowing it to conform and move over the skin. The tape allows full freedom of movement and is excellent for increasing circulation.

Kinesiology taping techniques involve elongating the tape to different percentages of stretch. It is recommended to use TheraBand® kinesiology tape. This tape has indicators on the tape to help guide the proper tension.

Examples of Using Kinesiology Tape to Treat Climbing Injuries


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