February 2020

Balance and Stability for Climbers

Balance and Stability for Climbers Most climbers would agree that improving their footwork is necessary to send more. The moment your feet leave the wall generally indicates you are either: dyno-ing, your feet have [...]

January 2020

Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace You’re up in the mountains, climbing mixed alpine routes and having a day. The kind of day that feels like nothing could go wrong. You are climbing with a new climbing partner, [...]

December 2019

Three Common Errors Made by New Climbers

Three Common Errors Made by New Climbers By: Joe Derian, PT, DPT, OCS Rock climbing is a sport that requires precise technique. Being able to stay on the wall and not “barn-door” or fall [...]

November 2019

Pulley Protection Splint

This article will take you through a step-by-step process of how to fabricate a pulley protection splint for a rock climber with a grade II or III pulley sprain. The purpose of the article [...]

September 2019

August 2019

Scapular Instability with Climbers

“Keep your arms straight and stay low!” This classic line is heard the world over for beginning climbers. Even if preventing the T-Rex arm is a quality way to fight off pump, this doesn’t tell [...]