Join me at the Red Rock Rendezvous.  My course “How to Climb Injury Free” is being held on Saturday and Sunday and is fully registered. But don’t worry, I’ll be at the “Climbing Doctor” booth to answer your injury questions.

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About the event from the registration page:

Since our first Rendezvous in 2003, we’ve shared our love of climbing with thousands of participants from across the country and around the world. If you’ve never climbed before, we’ll teach you how. If you already climb, our specialized clinics can help you explore more advanced facets of the sport. No matter your experience, our staff of climbers, guides, and pro-athletes instruct in a safe, supportive setting where you’ll make new friends and climbing partners. When you’re not on the rock, you can join the fun festival atmosphere at Friday night’s kick-off party, the Saturday night buffet and dance party, and the Sunday morning pancake breakfast.