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The “Rock Rehab Pyramid” videos will take you through how to prevent and rehabilitate the 10 most common climbing injuries. Over 80 videos contain exercises and climbing movement tips featuring professional climbers Sasha DiGiulian, Jonathan Siegrist and Josh Levin. Buy the package of videos and watch them on all of your devices online; anytime and anywhere.

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What is covered in the videos?

The videos include the “Rock Rehab” protocols from the book “Climb Injury-Free.” This includes injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols for the neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, elbows, wrists and fingers.

Will I be able to understand the videos without the book?

Yes. The videos demonstrate exercises and climbing movement tips that you’ll be able to understand and perform without the book. The videos have additional dirtbag tips and technique recommendations that are not available in the book. Many of the climbing movements and exercises are more easily visualized in the videos. However, the videos do not include sections from the book on daily prevention programs, pro climber advice, climbing specific training, core strength, mindful movement, mind/body balance, nerve glides and several additional topics. 

Can I download the videos?

The videos will stream from any device but they cannot be downloaded.

Should I get both the Book and Videos?

If you are looking for a comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation program, it is recommended to purchase both the book and the videos since they complement each other. The “Climb Injury-Free” book ” is a separate product but can be purchased at a $10 discount with the videos by entering “combo” at checkout when both items are in your cart.

Click here to view the “Climb Injury-Free” book product page.

Sample Video 1: Rotator Cuff Strain 

Sample Video 2: Pulley Sprain

Sample Video 3: Medial Epicondylosis Unload Technique

Sample Video 4: Collateral Ligament Sprain

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  1. Filip Balazovic (verified owner)

    I purchased both the videos and book “Climb Injury-Free” from Dr. Jared Vagy DPT after coming back to climbing after longer break and i must say, I couldn’t be happier. I was wondering if my movement is efficient enough and even luckily without any previous climbing injuries (but many others from professional sport) I’m finding both book and video very informative and professionally made. I really like the concept of the movement/climbing pyramid and especially dirtbag tips, advices and experience from pro climbers. I can recommend this book and videos to anyone who comes across any discipline of climbing plus most of the exercises can be also useful for musicians, tennis or golf players. Thanks Climbing Doctor. Keep up the excellent work 👍

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