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The Book:

Has injury prevented you from climbing harder? Whether you’re a professional athlete or a novice climber, “Climb Injury-Free” is the guide that will teach you how to climb stronger and pain-free. The book features the “Rock Rehab Pyramid.” A step-by-step rehabilitation and injury prevention system designed specifically for rock climbers. The goal of the four-phase system is to take you from the pain, inflammation and tissue overload stage to gain full mobility, strength and eventually pain-free climbing movement.

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The Videos: 

The “Rock Rehab” videos are the injury and prevention and rehabilitation protocols from the book in video form. Over 80 videos contain exercises and climbing movement tips featuring professional climbers Sasha DiGiulian, Jonathan Siegrist and Josh Levin. You can watch them on all of your devices online; anytime and anywhere.

Sample Video 1: Rotator Cuff Strain 

Sample Video 2: Pulley Sprain

Sample Video 3: Medial Epicondylosis 

Sample Video 4: Collateral Ligament Sprain 

8 reviews for Book and Videos

  1. John S

    Outstanding! I began climbing at age 56 with a dozen years of chronic tendon pain in my hands, elbows and shoulders. In about six weeks, this info has put me on the path to accommodating—and now healing!—these conditions. The mobility and strengthening exercises have enabled me to increase my weekly time on the wall, while decreasing pain and eliminating time off because of injury. The book is very clearly written, well organized and easy to use. It’s easy to diagnose the problems and follow the mobility and strengthening exercises. I have the book and the video. Either could be sufficient on its own, but I like having both for convenience. The videos sometimes help illustrate the mobility and strengthening exercises a little more; the book is convenient so you’re not dependent on internet acces plus a computer or mobile device.

  2. SaRah Busse

    Great photos, easy to read and videos to demonstrate. Was having tenderness in my fingers for 8 months and after reading his book was easily able to determine it was from over gripping. I did exercises and drills to correct and pain went away in 2 sessions.

    I also have a great warm up and can climb harder sooner I have found when warming up well first

  3. Robb

    Super helpful book with a ton of practical information. The warm up sequence and activation have become part of my routine. The mobility and strengthening exercises have been really helpful to clearing up nagging injuries.

    I wish I had this book years ago but better late than not at all.

  4. Patrick Wilkerson

    The book has been a great resource for my nagging pains.

  5. Jan N

    This book is an amazing resource for any climber that wants to climb hard and stay healthy.
    My warmup and posture while climbing have gotten way better and 2 old injuries have gotten way less sensitive after applying the exercises from the book within one month after getting the book.

    By the way, when my package got lost in customs (overseas shipment), the climbing doctor was so nice to send a new copy that eventually arrived, free of any cost!

  6. Rebekah C

    Great book and helpful videos. Glad I made the purchase. Helped me focus on the areas that have been struggling with injuries. Definitely recommend this material. Finally a climbing specific focus!
    Book arrived quickly and I was able to access the videos immediately.

  7. Massimiliano R

    Very helpful!

    It helped me with my sore shoulder (rotator cuff strain plus shoulder impingement) as well as into initiating a path to improving my posture (both in climbing and in everyday life).
    The videos complement the pictures perfectly.
    One single suggestion for improving such a good product might be to also include, although they are not the most common injuries in climbing, some lower body conditions.
    For example Achilles tendinopathy, that is actually afflicting several climbers I know, and possibly originating from usage of wrong shoes or wrong feet posture, might be one of these conditions that could be part of a new edition.

  8. Tracy Kelly

    I found this book to be a very helpful resource! I had what was likely a pulled muscle in my back that was taking a long time to heal. The book helped me be more aware of the importance of warming up, my body positioning while climbing, and the need to do some stabilizing exercises. I have incorporated a lot of the ideas for injury prevention into my climbing practice.

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