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Neely Quinn Rehab Program

A dynamic warm-up will increase the blood flow to your muscles, ligaments and joints to prepare them for activity
These exercises will loosen your shoulder to help rehabilitate injury. You can also use two tennis balls instead of the foam roll or chair and also foam roll the lat muscles.

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This exercise should be performed after your mobility exercises to utilize the range of motion that you just gained.

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This is the muscle that keeps your shoulder blade from winging.

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You can choose anything that targets the muscles in the back, the closer you can mirror climbing movement the better the carryover.
Tips: make sure your shoulder is rotated with your thumb to the sky. Do not let your hands go behind your shoulder when performing a T, meaning don’t over stretch the range of motion.
For any of the above strength exercises, add in perturbation, or quick miniature movements throughout the entire range to improve the stability of the joint. They can be done by a physio or you can create the same effect with exercise with a resistance band or water bottle. This is essential to increase shoulder stability.