Life is crazy at times. This past year was characterized by taking risks. I quit my job that I loved and moved away from the city of Santa Monica. I packed my bags with climbing gear and flew down to Peru with some lofty objectives. The trip was characterized by the highest of highs (climbing Alpamayo, opening a route on Huamashraju, Climbing a 17,500 foot big wall called La Esfinge, Soloing Vallanaraju and topping out Ranrapalca at 20,000 feet) and the lowest of lows (The passing of Ben and Gil). I flew back home with two months filled with life changing experiences. I was ready to get out of the mountains and onto some rock. I was tired of humping heavy loads to high camps, waking up nauseous from the altitude, shivering sleepless nights in my sleeping bag and 12 hour summit pushes while gasping for oxygen. I was ready to be back in California. I was ready to go back to Yosemite and get on the Big Stone. I was ready for El Capitan.


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