Star Trekkin Car to Car

I met Miguel in Ridgecrest at 4pm and grabbed some pizza, made tape gloves, talked about the route and then carpooled out to the trailhead.  The flexibility of my new work schedule allowed for the casual preparation and early bedtime; which was a first for me.  I usually arrive in the Sierras at the trailhead at [...]

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Leaning Tower Solo

Motivation It had been a year and a half since my last climb. Previously, I had spent six months in South America on a climbing rampage. I climbed difficult objectives that I once only could dream of.  And then, all of a sudden, I just stopped climbing.  I lost interest in the supertopo forums, deleted the [...]

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Aconcagua Polish Direct

On the mountain: I am lying in my cocoon high on mount Aconcagua. it is snowing, minus 40 degrees outside and 100km winds are thrashing the tent. We have spent 10 days climbing the mountain but have to turn back because of weather. I should be disappointed but instead i smile slyly to myself. [...]

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Lurking Fear – El Capitan

Background:  Life is crazy at times. This past year was characterized by taking risks. I quit my job that I loved and moved away from the city of Santa Monica. I packed my bags with climbing gear and flew down to Peru with some lofty objectives. The trip was characterized by the highest of [...]

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Alpamayo 19,511ft

Background: Climbing Alpamayo was the alpine goal of my trip. I had seen photos of Scott Swaney and Aysel Gezik on the route one year ago and I was instantly attracted. The climbing looked "bad-ass." It was such a beautiful line on such a beautiful mountain. So this year I decided to get more [...]

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La Esfinge 5.10R

Background: I had dreamed of climbing La Esfinge from the day I heard about its existance four years ago. I had traveled to Hauraz to climb but I had very little time or experience. I ended up getting altitude sickness and decided to spend my time trekking instead of climbing. While I was in [...]

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Ranrapalca 20,217ft

Background: I was feeling strong after my last climb so I decdied to team up with Adam and 4 bad ass Chileans the climb Ranrapalca. The mountain is 20,2017 feet and this year has rarely been summited. The route has been climbed many times, but the problem arises after the route is completed. The [...]

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South Face Washington Column Rope Solo

Background:   I had been debating climbing another big wall route solo ever since my trip up Moonlight Buttress in February.  I distinctly remember telling myself “I am never going to do this shit again” and “That was the hardest thing I have done in my life.”  Well, four months later, I found myself [...]

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