The Ultimate Climber is Translated to Russian

The Climbing Doctor's first book "The Ultimate Climber" has just been translated into Russian. This will be an enormous benefit for the Russian speaking climbing community as now they will have access to the most current research based methods on preventing injury. Andrey Shunko was instrumental in this translation and did a wonderful job with the [...]

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Josh Levin America Ninja Warrior

I don't watch movies anymore and rarely watch television. But when Josh Levin told me to tune in and watch him perform on American Ninja Warrior, I decided to make an exception. American Ninja Warrior has gotten huge among the rock climbing community over the past few years. The television show courses play to the [...]

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Spring, Sprain, Summer, Send?

I want to share a cool blog entry written by Mike Anderson. He is a friend and author of the Rock Climber's Training Manual. He injured his ankle severely part-way through his training cycle. He as able to rehabilitate it, recover and climb one of the hardest routes he has ever climbed. Mike gives a [...]

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The Climbing Doctor at Vertical World Seattle

Update:  What an awesome class at Vertical World in Seattle. Check out the photos from the clinic. A big thanks to Josh Jubb, Truc Allen and Aaron Rourke for making this happen! Previous post: The Climbing Doctor is stoked to join Vertical World in Seattle on February 6th for a "Climb Injury Free" clinic. Vertical Worlds America’s First [...]

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Banff Coaches Conference Recap

I was invited out to Banff to speak at the Banff Coaches Conference. It was such a treat to have the opportunity to spread the injury prevention knowledge to the top coaches in Canada. Chris Neve, who is the organizer of the event and the head coach of the Canadian Youth National Climbing Team was [...]

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Banff Coaching Conference

Upcoming Conference: I'll be up in Banff at the end of October helping spread the injury prevention message at the "Banff Coaching Conference." Come join the fun. Details are listed below.   Description: This is the only conference in Canada focused on the professional development for climbing coaches, both youth and open. It [...]

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The Climbing Doctor Goes to China

I was in China for two months as the Physical Therapist for the Chinese Olympic Track and Field Team to prepare the athletes for the World Championships. On the flight to China, I put together a series of photos to introduce myself to the Olympic Athletes. During the first session with each athlete, I would show them a [...]

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Portland Rock Gym Course

I was invited out to portland rock gym for a jam packed injury prevention clinic. We went over a climbing specific warm-up, muscle activation exercises and body positioning on the wall. It is amazing how much these clinic have grown. I am lucky to be surrounded by awesome climbers that are stoked on preventing their [...]

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