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The Climbing Doctor is passionate about preventing injuries and improving performance for all climbers.

Route Setting to Prevent Climbing Injury

Recently, "The Climbing Doctor" had the chance to connect with Chris Danielson, who is one the most renowned American route setters. This was a unique opportunity to see the behind the scenes thought processes that goes into competition route setting and how the same methodology can be applied to route setting for non-competition climbers in the gym . The thought process [...]

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Balanced Climbing Shoulders

Balanced Climbing Shoulders By Tanya Anne Mackenzie PhD (Specialist shoulder and elbow physiotherapist) Balanced muscles around the shoulder are essential for climbing efficiency as well as to avoid uneven tension around the joint. Imbalance in muscles around joints leads to increased strain and stress in the soft tissues and can ultimately lead to [...]

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Eva Lopez Rock Climbing Injury Prevention Interview Part 2 of 2

I had the opportunity to pick Eva Lopez's brain on her thoughts on preventing climbing injury. Eva has an amazing wealth of knowledge on training for climbing and preventing injury. She hosts an information packed blog at: http://en-eva-lopez.blogspot.com/ Check out part 2 of 2 of the interview below. It is an extremely detailed look ant [...]

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The Ultimate Climber is Translated to Russian

The Climbing Doctor's first book "The Ultimate Climber" has just been translated into Russian. This will be an enormous benefit for the Russian speaking climbing community as now they will have access to the most current research based methods on preventing injury. Andrey Shunko was instrumental in this translation and did a wonderful job with the [...]

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