The mTrigger Individual Unit + Accessories includes:

  • 1 mTrigger Biofeedback unit
  • 2 sensing cables
  • 5 pouches mTrigger Sensing Electrodes (4 electrodes per pouch)
  • 1 mobile device stand
  • 1 wall charger

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What is the mTrigger?

The mTrigger® Biofeedback System, which utilizes instrumentation based on surface electromyography (sEMG) to measure the electrical activity generated by specific muscle groups during physical rehabilitation.  The mobile platform offers easy-to-use custom settings, training, play, and progress tracking to enhance compliance and engagement. The mTrigger mobile app features audiovisual feedback to provide real-time data, enabling patients to achieve efficient neuromuscular re-education.

How can you use EMG biofeedback for climbers?

See below for a video clip of how to use EMG biofeedback with rock climbers to train the middle trapezius muscle during an inverted pull. This is one of the many ways that you can use EMG biofeedback to improve proper muscle recruitment during sport-specific tasks.



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