Loom Finger Trainer

  • Effective for rehab or prevention of climbing-related finger injuries
  • Designed to load the finger flexors with concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions
  • Exercises the fingers through a full, natural range of motion
  • Can adjust tension from 2.2 pounds (1 kg) and greater


What is the FingerExpander Loom Trainer?

The Loom is a unique grip strengthener designed specifically for climbers. It’s an ideal tool for eccentric trainings. This trainer features rubber-bands offering a broad range of loading from 1 kilo and higher, suitable for climbers of all ability levels.

What injuries can it help with?

If you’ve suffered from flexor tenosynovitis or strained your finger tendons while climbing, it’s essential to rest your fingers before starting a gradual loading program to reintroduce climbing stresses in a controlled manner. A portable loom can help you concentrically or eccentrically load your fingers, allowing you to train deep finger flexors – the most critical muscles in climbing – in your forearm.

How big is the device?

Size 30cm x 20cm x 5cm


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