The goal of the Rock Rehab Community is to provide an environment for Medical Providers to connect together and expand their knowledge on the management of rock climbing injuries.

Who can apply:
Anyone who is a medical provider and is interested in rock climbing

Panels will be held quarterly via zoom and will vary in topics. Rock rehab community members will be emailed meeting links to attend the virtual events. Panel questions can be submitted in advance or can be asked live during the live Q&A.

Throughout the year, community members will have the opportunity to present rock climbing specific presentations to the group. These can be presentations where members are seeking feedback from the group or can be already refined presentations with the purpose of introducing new assessment techniques, interventions or research to rock climbing.

Community Events:
The community is also a place to network with other medical providers and there may be additional opportunities both remote and in-person throughout the year to connect with each other to further the growth of climbing medical knowledge.

All applicants who meet the application criteria and complete the application will be accepted.

None. The purpose of this group is to build a community of medical providers to share their knowledge and expertise of managing rock climbing injuries.

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Applications accepted on a rolling basis quarterly