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About The Episode

In this Episode, John Blomquist interviews“The Climbing Doctor” on the Chalk Talk Podcast to discuss climbing injuries.

Concepts discussed are:

  • How Dr. Vagy got into rock climbing
  • Research in rock climbing
  • How to extract research from different sports to apply it to climbing
  • How to systemize injury prevention training
  • What climbers are doing wrong that is causing injury
  • Dancer versus Gorilla climbing styles
  • How to keep the knee joint healthy
  • How to differentiate your finger tendon strength to determine injury risk for pulley sprain
  • Predisposing factors for injury
  • How you can self-assess for injuries
  • Relative flexibility and how it relates to climbing

Chalk Talk was created in May 2014 and launched its full site with downloadable, streamable podcasts on August 1st, 2014. The podcasts are discussions and interviews led by host/producer John Blomquist, featuring leaders and visionaries of the climbing industry. John Blomquist is the host/producer of Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast. He has been climbing since 2008 and has since worn many hats in the climbing industry. He has been the manager and head routesetter of a gym for many years. He has also set for numerous climbing competitions including SCS Youth Nationals, a handful of SCS/ABS regional competitions, and endless local comps. Now he is psyched to bring to you the best quality audio wavelengths to your brain.