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In this Episode, “The Climbing Doctor” sat down with Craig Lindell from The Prehab Guys to talk about taking risks is life and treating rock climbers.

Topics from this discussion include Jared’s story, how he became the climbing doctor and how it involved taking more risks than just rock climbing, breaking down the physical and mental demands of the sport, what it is like working with rock climbers from all ability levels in-person as well as remotely, and what you should know in order to help rock climbers. During the interview, Craig more specifically asks the following questions:

  • How did you end up becoming the climbing doctor?
  • What are common misconceptions with climbing and what do you find yourself telling people when they ask about what you do?
  • What are the most common issues you manage and treat when it comes to rock climbers?
  • For a clinician that has never rock climbed in their life – but they are faced with treating a rock climber – what questions should they be asking and what should they be looking at?
  • Whats it like treating professional rock climbers vs. other pro athletes & olympians?
  • How do you balance the climbing doctor and teaching?
  • What does prehab mean to you?

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