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In this Episode, “The Climbing Doctor” sat down with Kris Hampton from The Power Company Podcast to talked about stretching, prehab and other hot topics in climbing.

Both Kris and Dr. Vagy were in Colorado together presenting the annual Climbing Wall Association Summit and were able to carve out some time to record the episode. They completed this interview at the last possible moment that they could connect and it was worth it. The interview was candid and completely off the cuff. Kris and Dr. Vagy covered a large range of topics. A lot of myths were addressed and current research was cited to support the discussed topics. The episode was more of a discussion between two experts than a formal interview. It is definitely worth checking out.

The interview starts with addressing the statement “There is no such thing as prehab” and from there they dive into topics covering, climbing movement, muscle performance and mobility training.

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