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In this Episode “The Climbing Doctor” connects with Chris Kalous on the Enormocast to discuss rock climbing injuries. During the Enormocast, no beta is wrong, no story is too long-winded, and you will never hear the words, “Can we talk about something besides climbing for a change?” Each episode of the Enormocast brings you a glimpse into the climbing life through discussion, interviews, and perspective backed by Chris Kalous’s 27 years in the sport.

“The Climbing Doctor” was in Wyoming teaching injury prevention clinics at the International Climbers Festival. He ducked away for an hour and joined Chris in his mobile studio to record this episode. This episode was “The Climbing Doctor’s” first podcast episode. At the time of recording, there was little information available to climbers on how to prevent rock climbing injuries.

The episode covers how overuse rock climbing injuries happen, defines common climbing injuries and describes simple exercises with resistance bands to prevent injuries from occurring.

Nobody likes being injured. The worst part about being hurt is that you can’t climb. It is much easier to prevent injuries from occurring than to get hurt and deal with the consequences. The goal of the episode was to empower climbers to learn how to prevent own injuries. The episode stresses the importance of taking the time out the day to perform simple resistance band exercises and to be mindful movement on the rock wall.

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