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In this Episode, Neely Quinn interviews “The Climbing Doctor” on the Training Beta Podcast to discuss his 4-step Rock Rehab Pyramid System for treating rock climbing injuries.

The Rock Rehab Pyramid is a step-by-step rehabilitation and injury prevention program designed specifically for rock climbers. It is comprised of four phases.

  1. Pain, Inflammation and Tissue Overload: Uses traction and taping techniques to unload the tissues. You can perform tissue unloading for as long as it takes for your pain at rest to subside.
  2. Mobility: Uses three progressive stretching exercises to improve range of motion. Each exercise can be performed up to three times per day.
  3. Strength: Uses three progressive resistive exercises to increase strength. Each exercise can be performed daily.
  4. Movement: Comprised of three movement advice tips and should be implemented during each session of climbing.

Most climbers begin the rehabilitation process at the bottom of the pyramid in the inflammation and tissue-overload phase. Through the rehabilitation process, you will progressively advance up the pyramid. The goal is to gain full mobility, strength and eventually pain-free climbing movement. At this point, you will achieve full recovery.

Once you are able to perform the prescribed exercises in a given phase of the pyramid without pain then you can progress to the next phase. Do not perform exercises if they are painful. There is no exact formula for how long it takes a climber to progress back to climbing and movement training. The recovery process is highly variable based on your injury and individual factors. If you have any questions regarding your progression, consult your medical professional.

See the below video for a detailed description of how to use the pyramid.

Concepts Discussed:

  • Some of the bad advice out there about physical therapy
  • His Rock Rehab Pyramid explained
  • Shoulder Impingement Treatment
  • Unloading tissue and muscles with tape
  • How to strengthen muscles for impingement
  • How to change movement patterns for shoulder, elbow, and finger issues

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