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In this Episode, “The Climbing Doctor” sat down with Neely Quinn from the Training Beta Podcast to talk in-depth about finger injuries in rock climbers.

They cover wide range of topics related to the fingers and rock climbing.The discussion focused around the assessment, diagnoses, and treatment of finger injuries. Talking about the anatomy, the differences between A2 and A4 pulley sprains, utilizing diagnostic imaging to diagnose injuries, using clinical criteria to classify injuries, timelines and milestones for returning to sport and much more.

The below topics are discussed throughout the episode:

  • 40% of climbing injuries are fingers!
  • Most common finger injuries and how they happen
  • Pulleys vs tendons explained
  • How to diagnose finger injuries
  • How new research has affected his protocols
  • What the popping sound is during an injury
  • How long recovery takes
  • Two ways to approach pulley sprains
  • Medications and devices to use to heal
  • What side-to-side pain means
  • Protocol timelines
  • Long-standing finger injuries
  • Using hangboard for recovery

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See below for additional resources mentioned in the interview that you can use to supplement the podcast.

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