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In this Episode, “The Climbing Doctor” sat down with Neely Quinn from the Training Beta Podcast to talk about finger injuries.

The discussion focused around the fingers and used several examples of ways to strengthen and improve movement patterns to prevent finger injuries. Two topics were discussed at length.

  • The notion that every climber feels as though they have a pulley injury but upon clinical exam, it is often something else.
  • Most climbers focus their rehabilitation of finger injuries just on the finger and hand and forgot to address contributing factors from additional joints such as the wrist, elbow and shoulder complex.

The below topics are discussed throughout the episode:

  • How can finger injuries occur
  • What are the different types of finger injuries
  • How to diagnose what injury you have
  • When you can begin  climbing again
  • How to heal finger injuries
  • How to avoid finger injuries in the future

They discussed at length how to make finger injury prevention exercises more specific for rock climbers.

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