Professional Climber Testimonials

Sasha Digiulian – World Champion Climber

The evaluation detailed the fine specifics of my climbing technique and related it to my strengths and weaknesses. It was really useful. I can totally feel what Dr. Jared says about how my muscles have imbalances. So seeing that and thinking how I can apply the information to my own climbing was key. The evaluation gives awareness to what you are doing right and wrong and will help you seek gains in your own performance.

Jonathan Siegrist – 5.15 Sport Climber

The evaluation was a thorough, hands on investigation into my bodies imbalances and strengths and weaknesses. It gave me answers and suggestions for moving forward as an athlete. Dr. Jared is a knowledgeable consultant with a clearly enormous understanding of movement and the athletic body. It has really made a difference in my climbing. Dr. Jared was hugely helpful. I attribute a lot of the knowledge he helped me out with to my success this year climbing.

Josh Levin: 19 Time Youth National Champion

There are no other evaluations in the United States that give as full of a picture of climbing than with Dr. Vagy. You learn exactly what is needed to stay healthy in the long-term. A climber of any level can benefit from this evaluation no matter if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro who’s been climbing for most of their life. I highly recommend Dr. Vagy if you are seeking to boost your climbing performance beyond the traditional training realm.

Mayan Gobat-Smith: Women’s Speed Record on The Nose

The remote consultation would be a huge benefit to climbers to learn to use your body more efficiently. Gaining strength in a more balanced way to promote long-term health and help prevent injury. The videos made the remote consultation very interactive. I thought it was excellent, above my exceptions for sure!

Dan Mirsky: 5.14c First Ascensionist

Dr. Vagy does an excellent job of analyzing and presenting a cohesive picture how your body works and doesn’t work, your movement patterns, muscle imbalances. He helps you to achieve an understanding about the connectivity of your body so you can fix problems in, heal injuries, improve strength and flexibility all in a truly effective longterm way.

Matt Segal: 5.14 Traditional Climber

I love climbing and at the end of the day Dr. Vagy helps me stay injury free and climb stronger. The climber evaluation is one of the most helpful learning experiences. Dr. Vagy helped me come to my own conclusions about my body and movement in relation to climbing. It wasn’t just a simple diagnostic but a discussion and education on how to train and prevent injuries to keep me doing what I love.