Three new dates for the “Mirroring Movement Special Clinic” have been added for network of “The Circuit Bouldering Gyms” in Oregon.

The clinic is a must for any climber looking to take their climbing ability to the next level.  You will use a variety of equipment such as resistance bands and ankle straps to mirror the exact movements on the ground that you experience on the wall.  By utilizing a resistance band connected from your arms to your leg, you begin to activate your core, shoulder blade muscles and stabilize your leg while performing the exact motion you would be on the wall.  Mastering this strength and precision will keep you injury free as you begin to break through your training plateaus.


October 24th SW 7:30pm
October 27th NE 8:30pm
November 7th Tigard 7:30pm


For more info call The Circuit:  503.719.7041