Become The Ultimate Climber: 4 Part Series

Are you having trouble pushing your climbing to the next level?   Sign up now for the four part injury prevention and performance series to find out.  This series will teach you how to identify the weakness that are keeping you from climbing at your true potential.  You will use innovative resistance exercises that mirror climbing positions and strengthen the [...]


How to Climb Injury Free: Special Clinics

These clinics are ideal for climbers who have specific injuries or body regions that they want to learn how to protect.  Content is fully customized based on the individual or groups preferences and needs. Call 310-571-8247 or email for more information


How to Climb Injury Free: 3 Part Series

Are you climbing in a way that can injure your body? Sign up now for the three part injury prevention series to find out. This series is a must for any climber who is serious about keeping their body injury free. Dr. Vagy will teach you how to climb strong and stay healthy. He will reveal [...]